How often should I have my vehicle undercoated?

It is recommended to have your vehicle done once per year.

Is it only the bottom of my vehicle that is undercoated?

No. The undercoating treatment will be applied to any area of your vehicle that would be subject to rust. Long wands are used to apply the product into areas such as rocker panels, behind headlights, door panels ect.

What time of the year is best?

Since it is an annual application anytime time of the year is fine.

Will it drip on my driveway or parking area?

No, the product is dripless

How long does it take?

The application takes approximately 1 hour. However, keep in mind that you vehicle needs to be dry. It is preferred that you drop your vehicle off the night before your appointment. We provide flexible hours to help out with busy schedules.

I have a busy schedule, can I drop off my vehicle off after I finish work, and pickup my vehicle early the next morning?

Absolutely, you can drop off your vehicle anytime day or night and pickup as early as 6am the next morning.